My Testimony


Dream July 1990 

I’m standing in a field in Little Cape NB, looking East over the water on a clear day, the Sun was about Mid afternoon then I see then all of a sudden a big Dark Cloud  appears like it going to Thunder ; then all a sudden a bright flash of Lighting and a very loud bang of thunder so loud is scared me half to death.  Then it was sunny again.

As I turn from East toward the West  about 30 Deg  The Event repeats itself seven times.
Then the dream end. and I still do not know for sure what it meant,  but it seem to be related to the Seven Thunders.


Dream Sept 1990 

In a Dream I see Jesus coming toward downward to the Earth in Majesty and the thought that came was; this must be the End, the Lord was coming;  as you see sometimes in an picture sometime standing with his arms stretched downward, but He not on a white horse.                    see  Rev 10.    I knew this could not be His physical second coming.


Dream of Dec 28 ,  2000 

In the dream: I’m told that Bro Jackson is come to Moncton, I wanted much to talk to him, but no opportunity  seemed  to open up  , I see him walking by, but I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt him as he walk by.

Then the scene changes; I see myself in a school classroom.  School was out, because a lot of the desk were turned different position as when a janitor was ready to clean the room. There were other people in the room there but not many.

Then all of a sudden Bro. Jackson enters and takes a place of a teacher at the head of the classroom. Something impressed that whatever I was to hear was important to listen to.       I immediately take a pen and paper and begin to write as fast as I could.

Bro. Jackson started speaking position in front of the teacher’s desk.  I see him sitting or leaning against the front of the desk.

I was trying to write while listening but thing was going too fast to capture all.

Then Bro Jackson goes to the blackboard all the while explaining as he draws a circle the places a straight line on top of it. On top of this drawing he begin to writes some scripture but thing was going by so fast by the time I finished the drawing, he had already wrote a head 4 or 5 Scriptures. After that  I awoke I could only remember the drawing  and that some scriptures were written.


Dream  Sunday June 21, 2009     Gentile Age is the two days of Hosea 6:2

Early morning between 6 & 7 am,  I was in a dream pondered on a message about on Chronology Of The Book Of Revelation that someone had ask about.   I knew some of the young people had not hear . Bro Jackson in the 70’s preach it.                                                  Looking from a review standpoint as Bro Jackson showed about it.

While remembering  a picture, of Jesus in the midst of the 7 candle stick and 7 Stars in Revelation Chapter 1    the week before;

A though was projected in my mind. Saying “what are you looking at“.  I said it’s Jesus in the midst of the 7 candle stick & 7 Stars;   he said “but what are you really looking at“,  I said it’s a Panorama View of Time. 

He said “What does that denote“. I said it’s the Gentile Church Age; & “What is that”;  I said a time factor for the Gentiles.

The spirit said; “Yes but what does the word Age means“,   I said it refers to time,  then He said  “For what purpose”, I said the  7 Church Ages End and Gentile Bride Goes home.   He said “What happens when it Ends” – God then will turn immediately to revive the Jews.

Then I was made to understand the two days of Hosea 6:2 time factor is the same as the time factor as the Seven Church ages except it’s in Picture form rather that word form concerning the Two Days.


Dream on July 29  2011

On July 29_ 2011, Bro Jackson came to me in a dream.  I was somewhere near  the East coast at the time, He was busy with thing going on ; so I said to myself; If I can get a chance to talk to him, I would really like to talk to him about the situation going on at this time.  No sooner said that, their he was.   I was about to ask him more about the Week of Daniel and Hosea.

But before I could ask the question; He said, “I know about the controversy and you go preach what you received“, then the dream ended.        In my heart I want to ask more about the two day and the sealing of the 144,000.


In 2001  Sis. Riley got up in the service and said    “the Lord has give Bro Fred the spirit of Wisdom and Knowledge”.

2001  Bro. Carruther  that Bro. Fred was a chosen vessel.

Bro. Bob Killiam     saw a pillar of fire over my head in a Service.



 NB Sunday April 15, 2001 AM   Prophecy for Bro. Fred Cormier. 

My son, I would encourage thee this day that thou would find strength as you stand to bring forth My Word. For it is My Spirit that hath anointed thy lips and you can stand this day upon that promise that I have been in control and I have led you and I have directed you to speak these words this day. And that I shall be in you and I shall use you mightily and I shall use you to encourage My people here and there as you would go to the different places that I have chosen for you to go.

So be strong in the Lord. For it is I, your God, that hath chosen thee and has filled thee with My Spirit that thou might stand and proclaim those things that I’ve’ have called upon thee to speak and that thou should have that, anointing upon thee and that inspiration to know when the Lord thy God doth speak unto thy heart.

Be strengthened this day and know that I am the Lord thy God.


Prophesy    Meeting  Moncton  NB    May 06, 1990         Bro Crase Meeting
. . . . The gap, I would say unto you there are times that you don’t know which way to turn but the Lord Thy God would have you to look fully into His Face and He will give you

strength and wisdom and knowledge to stand in the gap.  I would say unto thee that thou are a chosen vessel unto the Lord and the Lord Thy God shall use you in a mighty way even in this little town around about,  The Lord Thy God shall use thee in a great measure and the Lord Thy God shall direct thy path  Saith The Lord.


Prophesy    Sunday October 17, 2004 AM

Little ones of mine, I say this day that I speak by my Spirit, I say run into the cleft of the Rock. Do not think, do not put thy  own ideas into my plan; for I say thou shall surely come to failure in thy life,   I say but look unto me, look unto me the Lord thy God, for I say I am the Author and Finisher of all things, I have created all things.
I have chosen ministers who I have desired and see fit.

I say do not put your own ideas into my plan.   For I say it will surely come to failure.
But I say lean on me, lean upon the everlasting arms.     Listen to my Spirit, my Spirit will speak to thy inner being.
For I say I have called,  I have chosen whom I see fit.
For I say do not put thine own ideas in my plan saith the Lord this day.


On June 14 , 2015  after morning service  Message” Is Christ Divided ”  the  prophesy above was read by Sis. Diane Aube not knowing it being in her Bible for a long time; Having just had open her Bible and was impressed by the Spirit to read it which confirmed the message.

Over 4 different people from via the  internet or phone; some I did not know them..  of their own initiative,                                                                             said we see your ministry is that of An Apostle