Hosea 6:2 The Two Days of Hosea has nothing to do with any more Jewish time factor, see  the 70th Week of Daniel Chapter 9:24-27

First of all when the 69th Week ended with Jesus dying on the Cross. “GOD STOP THE JEWISH TIME Clock” period and is only to re-start when the 70th Week begins.

What part do some that promote false revelations on Hosea 6:2;   don’t understand that the  THE JEWISH TIME CLOCK is Stopped ?

The Two Days of Hosea is For the GENTILES Time frame  only.

The Book of Revelation Chapter 2 and 3 is the  Seven Gentile Ages in  PICTURE form.    It’s the same time frame of Hosea 6:2

There is nowhere in the scripture GOD gives the Jews another time piece or clock after the 69th Week.

It’s God that allow the  re-start of  the Jewish Time Clock   (70th Week).

When the Jews sign a covenant with the Antichrist; that is the beginning of the 70th Week.

God does not revive the Jews before the 70th Week;  The 144,000 and the Women are not Sealed before the 70th week begins!

Note:    Restoration of the Jewish Nation to her land is Not REVIVAL;  the revival only happen when the  Jews

                recognize Jesus Christ as their Messiah!

The Two days of Hosea 6:2 is definitely  The Seven Church Ages of  Time!