In Luke 19:12 to 15 shows two comings : Luke 19:12 show Jesus returning in a Shout of 1Thes 4:16 in 1963 when 6 Seals opened until the Voice of the Archangel.

The shout along with the Carcase of Mt 24:28 and Luke 12:36-37 Jesus coming to feed Servants down on Earth; is When Jesus returned in a message.

Luke 19:15 transpire’s when Jesus is actually returned on Earth in Angelic form after the 7th Seal is broken.

In Rev 5:9 Jesus brakes the 7th Seal and Vs 12 receives Power for the Millennium while in Glory.

Jesus now actually return to Earth in Rev Ch 10 as the Mighty Angel characterize Jesus to the Living Bride.

(After receiving Authority) He return to Earth, He called the Living element of the Bride before Him Vs 15 (THEN) to Judge them for their rewards on Earth, and not in Heaven.

While the Archangel is judging the mortal element of the bride on Earth ; the literal Jesus is in Heaven judging the deceased Bride Saints.

Remember we must all (Bride) appear individual before the Judgment seat of Christ for our Reward which varies according how we lived on Earth.